Dynamic Meditation Mini-Courses
Audio Downloads & Video Lessons created and guided by Ken Coscia for Life Mastery.



  • Learn how to integrate inspiration, information and new patterns of desired behavior by retraining your brain to succeed.
  • Make lasting changes through a Superlearning process.
  • Identify what's been sabotaging your results and cultivate new patterns that get you what you want.
  • Create a more optimistic, compelling vision of your future and access intuitive insights to clarify the necessary steps to implement for high performance. 
  • Learn subconscious problem-solving exercises that guide you to construct vivid scenarios in your mind so you can extract your inner intuition, wisdom, and creativity to overcome any challenge you’re facing.
  • Neuroplasticity is the idea that we can shape our brains mentally and physically by controlling our stimulus. Meditation has been shown as one of the most effective ways of being resilient.



Altered states of awareness, reached through dynamic meditation in the alpha and theta frequencies result in states of deep relaxation.

When you’re in these states, nothing bothers you. Sounds don’t disturb you. Stress melts away. Productivity soars. You stay clearly focused on your goals, and can put your worries aside. It's meditation with a purpose!

You'll learn how to get into states of profound creativity, intuitive guidance, and even to create ‘coincidences’ to move your life forward.

Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. According to CBS News on August 27, 2003, “more and more doctors recommend it”. It has been shown to help suppress depression, manage pain, increase longevity, invigorate the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

Dynamic Meditation is a proven way to bypass the critical mind - inner gatekeeper and move us into the subconscious system of programs.

The whole purpose of meditation is to move our consciousness beyond the analytical - critical mind and into deeper levels of consciousness where we can create lasting beneficial change. This is key to self-improvement and/or your personal development.


At The Trust Your Intuition Academy, we support you with a form of active meditation that we call Dynamic Meditation to spark tangible, profound, lasting change.

There's no bells and whistles or slick marketing here...Just solid, reliable, and applicable content from someone who's actually devoted decades researching, teaching globally, and applying Dynamic Meditation as a daily practice.

You’ll do this through a set of time-tested and highly refined mind exercises that come together to form a more empowered lifestyle: one where you can overcome unwanted habits and beliefs, shift your career, personal life, relationships, and health, and even influence the lives of your loved ones.

Having Ken's video lessons that are included is like having a personal trainer showing you exactly how your body works, and how to work with different muscle groups to get the results you want – except instead of your muscles, you’re working with your mind.

This is vitally important because the lessons will deepen your understanding of the process and help you put critical worrisome thinking to rest. And will make a huge difference in your experience!

When you comprehend the what and the why, the more you will know and thus the more you will know how when the time comes. Therefore, you will have more power and intention behind the practical experience of truly changing your mind.

Viewing the video lessons will assure that you get the most benefit from your experience.


The only way to change your limiting beliefs and perceptions is to change your state of being.

Dynamic Meditation which integrates both passive and active advanced mindfulness is a proven process to change your state of being. 

What makes these exercises so powerful is that they're designed around a concept known as Active Meditation – which means entering the Alpha or Theta level of mind while engaging your five senses and remaining fully awake.

You can access and enter the operating system of the subconscious mind so that you can reprogram your brain and body to a new mind.

When you move from unconsciously producing thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions and take control of them through the conscious application of your will, you can unlock the chains of being your old self to become a new self.

These meditations have a proven record of helping people all over the world to transform their lives. 

You are sitting (ideally) or reclining in a comfortable quiet environment with little or no movement. 

– It may help you release repressed emotions.
– It relaxes your mind. You can uncoil and get an intense stress-free feel.
– It mitigates anxiety and calms down a hyperactive mind.

Ken believes that we can create a fair and just world where we can enjoy a happy, balanced more fulfilling life when we have the necessary tools and use them.

Throughout this page, you will find information about such tools for your review and consideration to Take Command Of Your Life From The Inside Out.

Each of us can and does make a difference through continually improving the quality of our lives.


Since 1971
, Ken Coscia has directly helped over 200,000 people in LIVE training programs in 27 countries harness their minds and improve their lives in various meaningful ways.

Through a scientific and time-tested curriculum based on the findings of Jose Silva (from 1944 to 1966) of the Silva Method (the man widely credited with bringing modern meditation to the West).

Ken, Silva's lead instructor, and International Training Director helps people from all walks of life spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional well-being, and relationships.

Ken was selected out of hundreds of Silva Instructors by Jose Silva to serve on the elite graduate advanced staff. Ken was one of only four including  Jose Silva himself. 

"I continue my ongoing research and learning. I am eager to share my insights and advancements with you just like I do with my premium Coach-Mentor clients and Silva Mastery students.

After all these years working with thousands of students all over the globe, I am fortunate to be in a unique position to add clarity about what the necessary conditions are and why they work to maximize your results.

I have found that when you learn the what and why behind the techniques, it's easier and more effective for you to apply how to do it applications for better results.

I am feeling grateful and blessed for your continued interest and support. After all, we're in this together to create a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, and ultimately the world."
Ken Coscia

And now it's your time!

Applying Dynamic meditation can truly change your life for the better. There is now an ever-growing massive amount of neuroscience research demonstrating the health benefits - both physically and mentally when you make meditation a daily practice. It is also essential in order to make lasting improvements in your life.

You'll learn a style of meditation, suited for the real world, that is simple enough to use in your day-to-day life, yet powerful enough to have a lasting impact in your work and life.

Now available are five unique, specialized Dynamic Meditation exercises that Ken created for participants of his award-winning program - The Silva Mastery System.

The exercises have a universal appeal to make it easier for you to make meditation a daily practice and enjoy ALL the benefits. HUGE support of your personal and/or spiritual development.


"A Better You Creates A Better World"    Ken Coscia 





Joyce Litoff In February 2015  And In February 2016 after applying Ken's Dynamic Meditation













"I was curious about the Cave exercise but had not really thought about it much. It ended up being one of the deepest experiences I've had.

When I entered the void, I immediately saw a calendar with a year clearly marked on it. I saw the inside of a living room of the time period referenced in the calendar. I clearly saw the woman in the room as if she was standing next to me. I felt the terrible predicament she was in and how it had impacted her finances and relationships.

It all happened very quickly, but I immediately had the insight that in order to avoid the same terrible results which she had had in that lifetime, I had carried a strong energetic message within me to act in a certain way to avoid going through that again.

A series of challenges I've had in this lifetime, suddenly made sense. I also understood how they were connected. I feel like the awareness I received by going through this exercise in the Mastery Class, helped me gain insight that had not been coming to me with the other tools.

Now I can and am using the white screen to continue healing and correcting the pain from that lifetime. It was a relief to have it make sense and to feel that I have tools and actions to take to help myself now." 

T.P. Massachussettes

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